LocalProgressive.org is a website and community forum that invites all those concerned about the future of Progressive ideals after the 2016 elections. We are concerned about many aspects of American life, including the environment, education, immigration, civil liberties, and reproductive freedoms, among others.

This website was inspired by the words of a French Resistance fighter, who described the work of the resistance as: “RESISTER, militer, expliquer, donner l’exemple même dans les petites décisions de la vie quotidienne et ne pas plier. Courage les amis , le soleil reviendra!” (“Resist, organize, explain, make an example of even the smallest decisions of your daily life, and do not bend. Courage, friends, the sun will rise again!”)

In this spirit, we have divided our web site into five parts:

“Resist” – find resources on how to resist anti-progressive legislation and movements.

“Organize” – organize local resources in the spirit of our movement

“Explain” – resources to help education about our concerns

“Exemplify” – everyday things we can do to support, educate, and keep pressure on our leaders

“Solidarity” – a forum divided into areas of concern of us all where people can exchange ideas and make plans on a local level